Wild Life Watching

Wildlife Watching

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Animal life plays an important part in making our town and the Rocky Mountain National Park a special place to visit: seeing moose, bighorn sheep or birds of prey in their natural surroundings can be a thrilling experience. Elk in Estes Park are even easier to find—they’re well-known for straying into town, especially during the fall months of September and October! These months are the peak of Elk mating season, which means you have a good chance of hearing their characteristic "bugle"—a high-pitched trumpeting sound, followed by grunts—throughout the day.

Guests of Valhalla Resort are in an especially good place to catch a sight of these grand creatures. Our cabins in Estes Park are located west of downtown on the border of Rocky Mountain National Park—within walking distance, in fact. This proximity to the park makes elk sightings among our light forest surroundings a regular occurrence!

While elk viewing in itself causes no problems, please remember the animals can be sensitive to disruptions and may become dangerous if you get too close! That's why binoculars or a camera with zoom lens are the ideal way to enjoy Estes Park wildlife viewing during your stay. If you're in a car, turn the engine and lights off if possible, and don't try to attract animals with lights or noise.

For the ultimate elk-watching experience, we recommend checking out the town-sponsored Elk Fest, a celebration of all things elk-related—including guided Elk-viewing bus tours—that takes place during their mating season each year. It's a perfect addition to a stay at our Estes Park cabin rentals!

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