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High-quality Estes Park rock climbing opportunities have brought the Rocky Mountain National Park much attention. Much of the park is dominated by the profile of Longs Peak—also the only “fourteener” within its boundaries. The mountain’s size makes for several different ways to make a summit.

Rock Climbing“Casual Route” is one of the most popular ways up The Diamond, the mountain’s most prominent cliff face.  Although some walking may be required to reach its beginning, the Route (with a rating of 5.10) is one of the mountain’s easiest.

North Face Cables is another well-used route.  It begins along the Keyhole hiking route before diverting to ascend the peak’s North Face.  For experienced climbers it can be one of the fastest ways to ascend or descend the peak—knowing its location as a possibly quicker way down may be a good idea.

Although not technically a rock climb the peak’s famous “Keyhole” route is also worth mentioning.  The route is only non-technical during the summer, and an early start before sunrise is recommended, but although safety precautions need to be taken and climbing skill will be required, the route is one of the most often-used.

There are many other ways to climb Longs Peak than this page can address, and plenty of Climbing and Hiking Rocky Mountain Park opportunities altogether.  Plan an afternoon for your stay at our Estes Park cabins!

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