Estes Park Activities

Estes Park provides visitors with opportunities for just about every kind of outdoor activity, from biking to rock climbing and horseback riding. If you like leaving the ground for your fun, youíre also in luck: the Purdue and Colorado Rivers are within driving distance and thereís a whole fleet of companies offering rafting near Estes Park to choose from!

RaftingBecause there are too many to list and thoroughly discuss here, instead weíll point out some features in common between them, as well as what you might look for when planning a rafting trip. To start off with, what kind of group will you be traveling with? Kids may enjoy being splashed around on a classic whitewater trip, but if a comfortable float is more to your liking, that can be arranged. The beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery and surrounding wildlife on your journey is sure to make a splendid background either way!

Many tours these companies offer are organized by duration: half- or full-day, as well as hourly-length trips, are commonly offered. Some of the longer trips will include extra benefits like a packed lunch or even a hike to make your afternoon on the river complete. You donít have to worry about lifejackets or other safety gearóthatís always included!

We look forward to seeing you at the Valhalla Resort and hope you enjoy a rafting day if you choose to go!

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