Valhalla Resort is located near many different Estes Park music venues.


Attractions in Estes Park

With many different venues and artists to choose from, Estes Park is sure to have a concert you'll want to attend during your stay.

A good Estes Park music venue to begin with would be the Rock Inn Mountain Tavern. Here, a friendly and personal atmosphere between musicians and audiences suits the folk or acoustic music that is played at this venue. Each Friday night features a different solo or duo artist; both internationally recognized and locally known acts have played here.

MusicAnother great option, if you happen to be visiting during the summer months, is Performance Park, an outdoor amphitheater that has been nicknamed "Mini Red Rocks" by performing musicians. The Park has been host to Estes Park's Jazz Festival for over 20 years. All performances at this Estes Park music venue are free.

For an evening of special fun to go along with the music, you may want to try the bowling alley Chipper's Lanes and Lonigan's Saloon and Nightclub. Lonigan's in particular has karaoke, pinball, foosball and pool games to go along with its bands, which perform every Thursday night. Open mic nights take place every Tuesday through the end of October.

Other open mic events, where you can bring your own instrument or listen to others share their music, take place at Ed's Cantina on Wednesdays from 8 to 10 and the Wapiti Restaurant and Pub on Sundays at 7.

Be sure to view other great Estes Park activities near Valhalla Resort.

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