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Estes Park, Colorado Attractions

Rocky Mountain National Park Museum- Though there are many museums in the park, the visitor center at the top of trial ridge road has much to offer, and the Moraine Park visitor center is also very informative. Throughout the park there are around 10,388  artifacts that represent the parks past, present, and future.  Since the park's establishment in 1915, rangers have gathered objects for the museum collection. These historic objects are all related to natural history. With catalogued mounts, skulls, pressed plants, and cataloged archeology finds, there are many interesting things to find and learn about the park. Aside from these there are many displays created for enhancement of the parks natural wonders. These include photographs, lantern slides, books, and documents.

Enos Mills Cabin Museum- MuseumThe Enos Mills Cabin is an irreplaceable landmark that has been preserved over the years by Enos’ son in law and daughter who worked diligently to transform the homestead cabin Enos built himself in 1885 into a dedication to Enos’ efforts to create national parks all over the world. Having been remembered as the “Father of Rocky Mountain National Park,” Enos Mills achieved many things in his lifetime that still affect us today. The Enos Mills Cabin Museum is dedicated to these achievements. Now privately owned and operated by two of Enos' descendants, Elizabeth and Eryn Mills, you can access the museum from 11:00-4:00 on certain days along with frequent guided tours around the cabin.

Estes Park area Historical Museum- The Estes Park Museum was founded by volunteers in 1962.  With the help of the Community Services department of the Town of Estes Park, the Museum collects, interprets, and preserves local history, as well as presents exhibits, programs, and events for the education and benefit of residents and visitors of all ages. With public access and comfortable surroundings, the museum works to keep the history of Estes Park alive for everyone. Featuring displays on Estes Park in the 60’s, a Butterfly collection gathered in the area, and an art vault with rarely seen pieces  created in Estes Park.

McGraw Ranch Museum- The McGraw Ranch was originally owned by ranching families before it switched to guest ranching when McGraw bought it. Unfortunately, it was later forced to close its doors to guests for a duration of time after the National Park Service decided that the land belonged to the park. Before this point, the McGraw Ranch had serviced many people throughout the years and was one of the only remaining dude ranches in Rocky Mountain National Park. But now, thanks to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the National Park Service, the Colorado Historical Society and others, it has been skillfully restored. Today it is owned by the National Park Service and is used as a research facility.

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