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Known today as a popular getaway with some outdoor activities on the side, the Estes Park region was first only accessible to rugged explorers and mountain men. Stephen H. Long (of Longs Peak) led an expedition throughout the area in the 1820's, when most territory west of the Mississippi River was unknown wilderness.

The Stanley HotelThen, in 1859 Joel Estes became the first resident of the valley which would eventually bear his name. Although he would stay only six years, his cattle ranch later became a dude ranch, giving other visitors a place to stay.

A turning point for the region came with the construction of the Stanley Hotel, which is still an important feature of the town today. F.O. Stanley, its creator and architect, would go on to establish a "mountain bus" shuttle up Big Thompson Canyon and build a hydroelectric dam, the town's first source of electricity.

The effects of a final event which happened in 1982 will be seen for years to come. This is the failure of the Lawn Lake Dam, which caused a flash flood that scoured and destroyed the landscape in its path, and much of the downtown area. Although the event was a disaster, subsequent repairs revitalized the town and inspired yet another vision of Estes Park for visitors to see.

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